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PiStar Capital is a quantitative investment advisory firm specializing in digital assets.

Powered by reinforcement learning techniques, PiStar Capital's novel algorithms make hundreds of low-risk trades daily, resulting in risk-adjusted returns uncorrelated with benchmarks for investors.

The name PiStar is an homage to reinforcement learning literature (Sutton & Barto), in which "π*" indicates the ability to make the best decision in a given circumstance.

Policy (Pi) and Star (*) defined


Jonathan Sadighian

Jonathan Sadighian


Jonathan founded PiStar Capital in 2020 with the mission to create investment strategies using autonomous learning.

Jonathan began his career in New York, where he spent eight years working in capital markets in a technology advisory and quantitative capacity for a variety of companies, including PwC, Shift Forex, and WTS Trading. Jonathan has a master's degree in data science from EPITA (École Pour l’Informatique et les Techniques Avancées) and a bachelor's degree in business admin from Pepperdine University.

Jonathan's research can be accessed on arXiv:
[1] Deep Reinforcement Learning in Cryptocurrency Market Making
[2] Extending Deep Reinforcement Learning in Cryptocurrency Market Making.